Students at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy are engrossed studying Chapter II of Brave Hearts: Extraordinary Stories of Pride, Pain and Courage. The Indiana Academy has been using Brave Hearts for the past three years as curriculum material in their academy which trains the majority of law enforcement officers in the state of Indiana.


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"Inspiring recruits and students"

“After a thorough review by my command staff, we have decided to incorporate
Brave Hearts into the curriculum at the Philadelphia Police Academy. The author has prepared detailed and thought provoking questions for each of the 14 chapters that we know will provoke discussion and enlighten our recruits about the complex, important, and challenging job they have taken on.”
– Commissioner Charles Ramsey
Philadelphia Police Department



Brave Hearts has become an important read for college level criminal justice students. The book adds an important dimension in courses such as criminology, ethics in criminal justice, introduction to law enforcement and U.S. law enforcement.”
– Jeffrey Kuhn, Esq.
American Military University



“After reading
Brave Hearts I decided to assign the book as required reading for recruits at the New Haven Police Dept. Academy. This powerful book is inspiring our new recruits in ways few other writings can."
– Dean Esserman
Chief, New Haven, CT Department

 Customer Reviews

"Should be required reading"
“The author has done my brothers and sisters in law enforcement proud and she has done herself proud. With more than twenty years of representing law enforcement officers around the country since leaving the job in 1990, I consider this book to be a must read by law enforcement officers and civilians alike. Cynthia Brown has found the perfect balance between the modest first person narration with her own deep understanding of how these officers’ actions were of great importance to the citizens they protect. Every bit as important is what those actions did to the officers and their families.
Brave Hearts should be required reading by every police academy recruit.”
– Rich Roberts
International Union of Police Associations (IUPA)

"Authentic and compelling"
Brave Hearts is a great read. One weekend and its done. It’s an authentic look inside the lives of a variety of individuals across a variety of positions within the NYPD. The stories about their experiences are compelling.”
– Thomas Fallon

"Well written, leaves one amazed"
“A remarkably well-written book that will leave you amazed! The book truly honors the men and women that have taken the oath and vowed to protect and serve the citizens of NYC. Quoting the officers throughout the book allows the reader to get a deeper connection with the stories that are being told. It's amazing how these great officers all feel the same way about the job. I highly recommend this book.”
– Joseph K.

"Compelling, captivating"
“For anyone interested in police work, or wants to learn more, this is a great read. The profiles of the NYPD officers are compelling and captivating.”
– June Livermore

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What they're saying about Brave Hearts...

ed“A seminal work on the complexities of law enforcement work and the complicated challenges inherent in enforcing the law and protecting people from harm.”
– William J. Bratton
Commissioner, NYPD

ed“Anyone interested in the police and their unique way of life should read Brave Hearts, fifteen fascinating true stories about cops that dramatically reveal what makes them tick.”
– Joseph Wambaugh
Best selling author

ed“Fifteen stories of tenacity, ingenuity, courage and compassion. The often reluctantly-disclosed Hall-of-Fame resumes on which this book draws tell of ordinary people called to extraordinary work. It is humbling and inspirational.”
– Detective Ed Conlon
Author: Blue Blood, Red on Red


“Profiles in courage, self-sacrifice, professionalism and compassion.”
– Ray Kelly
Former Commissioner, NYPD


“Enlightening. Changed my view of cops and human nature in general.”
– Lisa Leshne
Literary Agent

edBrave Hearts is such a compelling and empathetic tribute to policing. I would like to add my name to the long list of people who must have sent accolades for this tremendous book. Bravo!”
– Connie Rice
The Advancement Project

ed“Cynthia Brown’s account of some of the bravest New York City cops. She has extracted every nuance of emotion from her courageous subjects.”
– Dick Kirby
Author, London Metropolitan Police

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