Brave Hearts: a breakthrough teaching tool

Recruits with the Berrien Springs Oronoko Township Police Department in Michigan along with 30 other academies, colleges and schools, have been using Brave Hearts as a teaching tool for the past two years.

What they'll learn from studying Brave Hearts.

• Develop complex skills needed before becoming an effective law enforcement officer.

• Understand the complex nature of the job and the emotional and physical toll it demands of those who are ambitious and active.

• Become familiar with the negative aspects of law enforcement work; helps future officers be better prepared to deal with the hard realities of being a cop.

• Understand the stress that comes with being a law enforcement officer and the ways to minimize that stress on family, friends and loved ones.

• Learn about the vast scope of law enforcement work and the many exciting career paths available to people who have ambition, talent and work ethic.

• Appreciate the enormous rewards a life of service protecting people from harm brings to those who work hard and take their responsibilities seriously.


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