"Real people, real stories, real heroes"
“I cannot put into words how I feel about this book of true NY police stories. Real people, real stories, and real heroes. Blessings and thanks to all in law enforcement and their families. I'm a former New Yorker, and you make me proud!”
– Marty Pendergast

"Brave Hearts is gripping"
“I read
Brave Hearts and found the book gripping. I could only read one chapter a day as the stories are so full of heroism and tense situations that one is forced to stop and reflect on the lives involved. The author's mastery of detail is superb. It read like Cynthia Brown was actually present as things evolved. It really is spellbinding. Everyone should know, appreciate and be thankful for these wonderful people. I can not recommend it too highly. A truly five star book.”
– Hank Cotton

"The mindset of heroes"
“Using the quotes of the officers themselves, the author explains and examines the mindset of a hero. The information about criminal gangs, drug cartels and major crimes could only be gleaned from the officers involved and by someone they trust. She is obviously the one they trusted. Brown, editor and publisher of American Police Beat magazine, knows her stuff. Buy two; one for your pleasure and one to donate to your local police department or precinct.”
– Chuck Klein

"Brave Hearts is a must read"
“An extraordinary depiction of the police officers that work every day to keep us protected.
Brave Hearts is an example of the hard work done by police officers around the United States not only in New York. I can't recommend this book enough. It is a must read!”
– Sally Devin

“What great stories about NYC's Finest! It is very easy to forget sometimes that law enforcement officials are real people with private lives and families. I walked away from this book with an entirely difference perspective on what drives someone to a career in this challenging field; a strong desire to help people, courage to step forward and get involved, the need to make a difference in their neighborhood or city.”
- Jack L.

"Willing to risk it all"
“While the instinct to run away from danger or trouble is innate, some are compelled to run towards it. To throw in and try to help others that need saving. This book helps you realize that these people feel the same emotions as you or I. At times they are afraid. They have children and spouses at home they love and want to see again. Yet they are willing to risk all when called upon to do so.

- Rich Timberland

"Overwhelming admiration for these heroes"
“I have overwhelming respect and admiration for these unknown heroes after reading Brave Hearts. I will now say "thank you" to them like I do to our returning military from Iraq and Afghanistan, every time I have the chance.”
- Perry Lowe

"Book sheds light on remarkable people"
“I thank Cynthia Brown for taking the time out to shed a well-deserved light on the men and women of blue. Thank all of you for letting the world into a part of your life that so many are shut out of. I am thankful that God has protected each of you to be able to share your story.

- Lani

"Makes us remember their sacrifices"
“An incredibly well written book about brave heroes in the NYC Police Department – the best Police Department in the world! Sometimes we forget the sacrifices that all of these brave men and women make everyday in order to keep us safe. They risk their lives on a daily basis for complete strangers. I, for one, will be forever grateful for their compassion, hard work and bravery. Thank you to all including the author for bringing the lives of these officers to light.”
- Madeline Henninger

"Stories of brave people "
“This book tells the stories of the lives of really brave people. You never see or hear these stories on the news. It is about time someone wrote a book that shows police are real people too. They have real feelings and give up a lot to serve the public who usually doesn't appreciate what they do. Thanks to Cynthia Brown for showing the real world inside the police family.

- Harry Pardee




"Thank God for these people"
Brave Hearts will help non-law enforcement people understand police officers and what they go through everyday. I thank God for men and women like the ones in this book.”
– Michael Pelligrini

"A five star book"
“Great book! My hat goes off to the men and women of the NYPD and FDNY. Thanks to the author bringing bring these stories to the printed page. ”
– Carlos Austin

"It’s really good"
“I kept a copy for myself and gave one to my best friend. Have always wanted to read it and it is SO GOOD. Thank you.”
– Billy McIlvain

"Great tribute to the NYPD"
“This is a superb tribute to the officers of the NYPD. Unlike other writers in today's media, Brown treats the officers' stories with fairness and understanding.”
– Joseph Polvere

"Ordinary people who are heroes"
The press often vilifies these very same people or seeks to portray them in a negative light to appease the public's desire for scandal and sensationalistic news. This book sheds light on the often-overlooked men and women that take the time to make the world a better place. Ordinary people, who every day are called upon to do extraordinary things, as part of their "job". This book is a fantastic monument to those heroes.”
– Mike K.

"Rare portrayal of cops"
“A rare, intelligent and sympathetic portrayal of law enforcement officers. I couldn't put this book down. We all need to be more appreciative of these courageous people who protect us from violence and harm. ”
– Teddy

"You feel their pain"
“Finally, a book that is so well written that it not only tells you the stories, but it makes you FEEL the pain and courage of these men and women. Saying you are proud of them would be an understatement. Thanks to Cynthia Brown for depicting the excellence within the NYPD!”
– Dee

"Brilliant depiction of police"
“This book can only be described as a brilliant depiction of how the real men in blue react to the everyday triumphs and tragedies of police work. If you have never been in their shoes - you will feel each and every moment of what they are feeling by reading this true depiction of their every day lives. The best of the best of true police stories.”
– Paul R. Hayes

"Gave me a new perspective on the police"

“These are the qualities that emerge so powerfully from the pages of Cynthia's excellent book. As the mother of one of the subjects in
Brave Hearts, I was amazed to find detailed descriptions that made vivid moments in my daughter's life . . . stories that I had heard before, but never truly visualized . . . come to life. And so it was with the story of each and every officer in the book. I feel as though I know every one of these fine men and women who serve us in a shadowy world that we fail to recognize in our daily lives until we need their services. One cannot read this book without looking at every man or woman in blue with an entirely different perspective and profound respect.”
- Joyce Mitchell