rich bar “There were so many conflicting emotions, but mostly I was so angry that someone would rape their own daughter. I asked the sergeant if we were going to lock everyone up. The sergeant told me to calm down. He said the police are not judge, jury and executioner; that we are there to write down the facts and hand them off to the detectives who would investigate the case. He reminded me that we had no idea who was telling the truth. That was one of the most important lessons I learned my first year on the job. But seeing that little girl had a big impact on me. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t know if I wanted to be a cop anymore.”– Alvin Rountree

Sneak Peek of Chapter Fourteen-Alvin Rountree


Alvin Rountree spent seven years of his career with the New York City Police Department doing the most dangerous job in law enforcement – an undercover in the Firearms Investigations Unit. Over that time, posing as a black market arms dealer, he was able to get over 2,500 illegal firearms off the streets of New York, including Tech 9’s, Calico M950s, 454 Casulls and Cobray Street Sweepers.