rich bar “To become a skilled detective takes a lot of experience. You have to learn to master your evidence and document everything. It takes a lot of time to learn the rules of evidence. You have to talk to the District Attorneys and do what they tell you to do. They are the ones in charge of prosecutions. If you don’t have your paperwork done right, and the evidence is weak, you won’t get permission to make the arrest. I tell the younger detectives to write everything down and when you’re called to testify, study that report so you don’t contradict yourself. It’s laborious, time consuming work.”— Joe Herbert

A Sneak Peek of Chapter Thirteen — Joe Herbert


Joe Herbert is a legendary NYPD detective. Joe helped to solve the Zodiac serial murder case, New York City's second of only two serial murderers. First was Son of Sam. Today, Joe is an inspector in the Intelligence Division where he works the counter terror beat.