rich bar “I went over and grabbed the guy but he broke away and started running. I chased him around all through the cars in that parking lot. I finally wrestled him to the ground and got the cuffs on. Then I shook him. I was so angry. I got right up in his face. I was screaming, ‘That was an eighty year old man. Why would you hurt him?’ It’s not good to get emotional when you’re a cop and shaking him was wrong. But when you see a young, strong guy beating up an old man, it’s hard to control yourself. I don’t know if the older man recovered, but even if he did, he’ll never be the same. He’ll always be afraid it’s going to happen again.” —Kai Wong

A Sneak Peek of Chapter Nine — Kai Wong


Reading about Kai is worth buying the book Brave Hearts. One of the toughest and gutsiest New York City cops ever.