mike “Mike summoned up all his negotiating skills, but things were not going well with the man and his child. At some point he had to face the fact the man was not going to let go. He changed tactics. He stopped negotiating and began issuing orders. “I told him, ‘My name is Michael. I’m trained to do these rescues. You have to hand your baby to me. We have everything under control. We’ve done this before. You have no choice. Give me your baby.’” The distraught father finally handed his little girl to Mike.”

A Sneak Peek of Chapter Two-Mike Morra

Mike Morra is the kind of cop you rarely see portrayed on television or in the movies. Despite the fact that he has been shot at, had his head opened up and broken his hand while trying to save lives or make arrests, he has never fired his gun during his fifteen years on the job. Mike is a veteran of the Emergency Service Unit (ESU), the NYPD’s SWAT team. Of the twenty-three New York City police officers who died saving people from the collapsing World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001, fourteen were from the ESU.