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Read more about a horrific train derailment from an earlier time.
From the pages of Brave Hearts: Extraordinary Stories of Pride, Pain and Courage

“It was my first collar and I was all alone in that subway tunnel. When it was over my whole body was shaking. I remember thinking, wow, is this how it’s going to be? But there was something pretty exciting about it too.”
—Ann-Margaret Lyons

“I took my son down to lower Manhattan to the Police Museum. There’s a shield on display there and I was explaining to him how we use that to protect ourselves in certain situations. I went over to look at it closer and I realized it was my shield. I recognized the bullet holes.” —Pete Tetukevich

A Sneak Peek of Chapter Four — Ann & Pete

After the interview with Ann-Margaret Lyons
and Pete Tetukevich

Ann and Pete are busy running Two Creeks Landscape Restoration LLC – a company they founded after retiring from the NYPD. “We also spend time shuttling our son Peter to and from various activities,” Ann-Margaret says. “He’s into Taekwondo and he will be a black belt soon. He’s also competing in Soap Box derby races with a car he built with his dad. When we have free time, which isn’t often, we go to the cabin we built on our eight-two acre property in Upstate New York.”


Ann and Pete met when they were both assigned to Emergency Service. It wasn’t love at first sight, but pretty close. They were among the first officers to respond to the Massacre at Freddie’s Fashion Mart in Harlem where seven people were gunned down or burned to death by a lone assailant. It would take months before they fully realized it, but the Freddie’s massacre would have dire consequences for them as police officers.