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One Tough Cop
“Hostility towards the police is not unusual. For some people, if you catch them breaking the law, you are stomping on their liberties. They see the police as people who are preventing them from doing what they want to do by issuing them a ticket, arresting them or whatever, and they are angry. On the other hand, if they are victims, you show up with too little too late. You didn’t help them when they needed you. They are traumatized and you weren’t there to stop it.” – Stefanie Hirschhorn

A Sneak Peek of Chapter Twelve - Stefanie Hirschhorn


From the time she was a rookie and hit the streets in the 25th Precinct in Harlem, Stefanie Hirschhorn racked up an impressive number of arrests. If they were breaking the law, she brought them in. She was shot at twice, kicked across the street by a man resisting arrest, and suffered a serious neck injury when a suspect she was chasing made a u-turn and plowed into her police car. Stefanie worked with Street Crimes, a special squad of cops whose mission it is to stop violent crime. Then she went on to a Rape Task Force where she learned about the painstaking research required to track down leads and identify suspects.