rich bar “When I worked midnights in Harlem, I’d see these security guards coming home at four in the morning. These are the people who become victims. Would anyone choose to work twelve hours a day for $5 an hour? I doubt it. But they’re doing the best they can. They’re poor and they have no choice where they live but it’s their life and they make the best of it. Any cop in New York can tell you about a shopkeeper or some old person in the neighborhood who wants to help us. They’ve been there twenty or thirty years. Maybe they own a dry cleaners, or some other small business. I’ve always felt these are the people the police have a special obligation to protect.” – Tony Diaz

A Sneak Peek of Chapter Eleven - Tony Diaz


Tony is a detective with the NYPD’s Major Case Squad – a coveted assignment offered only to the NYPD’s top investigators. Tony and other Major Case detectives work on bank robberies, high-end burglaries, kidnappings, art thefts and cases where a police officer is injured or killed with criminal intent. Major Case crimes frequently end up as plot lines for novels, films and television shows. Every story on one of the most popular television programs of all time, “Law and Order, Criminal Intent,” comes directly from the files of the NYPD’s Major Case Squad.